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I'm currently on hiatus! I'll update if ever I'm able to take on new clients. Thanks!

About Hilary Woodward Photography

My goal is to take natural, beautiful pictures that you and your family will love. I specialize in taking candid and portrait shots of families, kids, babies and animals, as well as professional headshots. If you’re interested in booking a session, please contact me!

About Hilary

I’ve been a photographer since I first snatched my dad’s Canon AE-1 out of his hands on a trip to California when I was 10. I still remember the pride I felt when we got the photos from that trip developed and I saw the (admittedly fuzzy) picture I took of my parents with the Golden Gate Bridge behind them. In high school and college, I spent a lot of time in darkrooms, learning the fundamentals of photography. But now, shooting with my DSLR (a Canon 5D Mark II), I’ve happily traded fixer fumes for Photoshop. While I spend as much time as possible with my camera in hand, I’m also a full-time communications strategist for a nonprofit in D.C. and mom to two amazing kids. 

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